GFCI 20amp White Outlet Blank Face

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Product Description
20A GFCI with Self-testing Blank Face

. Amperage: 20A
. Supply Voltage: 125VAC/60HZ
. Voltage Range: 102-132VAC
. Trip Level: 4-6mA
. Trip Time: 25ms
. Max Humidity: 95%
. Operation Temperature: -35℃ to +66℃

. Meets UL requirements issued in 2015.
. 2-pole,3-wire grounding duplex receptacle
. Impact-resistant thermoplastic cover and body
. GFCI with Tamper Resistant, It may stop the kids use any foreign body to connect the receptacle’s any alive parts from the outlets. 
. End-of –life indication LED will turn red immediately if GFCI has lost its ability to protect, then pressing the test button to use the function of Manual compulsory to trip, and it will not reset anymore that may prevent personal injury or death due to a ground fault. 
. Press interval (monthly)test button, then press reset button in order to confirm the GFCI works properly, if reset state fails, the working LED will turn off, GFCI life expired and need to be replaced by a new one. 

Testing & Code Compliance
. UL Standard 943 Class A(GFCI) and 498(Receptacle)
. UL/CUL Listed