• Shampoo/Soap Shower Niche SSN1422

    $99.00 $45.00

    Keep your toiletries neatly organized by utilizing this easy to install and ready-to-tile pre-formed shampoo/soap shower niche.      

    • Size 14" W x 22" H x 4" D. Overall size 17 1/4" W x  25 1/4" H x 4"D
    • Tiles set directly on surface 
    •  Easy installation
    • 100% mold free
    • SKU - SSN1422 

    MPT Enterprises, Inc. Shower Niche Installation Guide

    The following Installation Guide is intended to provide an easy to follow instructions for the installation of the shower niche. 

    1. Measure distance between vertical studs ( usually on 16 inch centers).
    2. Measure and cut top and bottom horizontal support brackets to a length which allows each of them to run between, and be secured to, both vertical studs. 
    3. Level and secure top and bottom horizontal support brackets to both of the adjacent vertical studs ensuring the vertical dimension between the horizontal support brackets matches the vertical dimension of the pre-drilled fastening holes on the niche. PLEASE NOTE: If the distance between the vertical studs is greater than the size of the niche, you will need to attach additional vertical framing to one or both of the vertical studs to accommodate the size of the niche. 
    4. Situate the niche between the support brackets. 
    5. Level and secure the niche using one framing screw in each pre-drilled hole.
    6. Install your tile backer board around the niche so it is in accordance with the industry standards.
    7. Take 100% waterproofing silicone and seal gap between backer board and the niche and seal the screw holes.
    8. Apply your setting material and set you tile, marble or stone directly to the niche surface.